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Create a sensation and send a rich display of striking lilies to someone special. Symbolizing happiness and sophistication, lilies make an impressive statement of pure elegance! Our collection of stunning arrangements includes stargazer lilies, Peruvian lilies, calla lilies, Oriental lilies, and other beautiful varieties in a full range of colors.

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Pink roses and lilies bouquets


Bouquets of small pink and blue teddy


Calla lilies in Vase


Elegance White flowers


Especially for you


Fragrant Blooms


Hand tied Cala Lilies,or orum lilies


Hand tied Cala Lilies,or orum lilies


Lilies and More

Lovely Lilies

Lovely Lilies


Pink Lilly and carnition with teddy beautifully arrananged bouquet


Red Lilies forever


Romantic Surprise


Roses and Lilies vase arrangement


Small Basket Arrangement


Something Special -vase arrangement


Stand Arrangement with stand


Sunshine Basket


Thinking of You Bouquets


White Lilly Bouquets


You"re Special -vase arrangement