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To order products on this website please follow the instructions below:

Choose Products --Proceed for Checkout -- Register or Fill details -- Select Date of Delivery -- Message -- Make Payment

To order a product online from anywehre in the world:
1. Choose your product, choose the options and after selecting checkout
2. After that press 'Proceed to checkout'
3. In the next step you can register or continue without registration by clicking on 'check-out'.
4. In this screen please make sure you fill in all the required fields.
5. Next screen will ask you weather you require delivery or will be picking up your product from our store, please pick the option that best suits your needs.


6. You will then be going to a screen confirming the way of payment. We offer 5 options:

-Pay by credit card via day Delivery)
-Pay using Paypal(same day Delivery)
-Pay using Western Union(same day Delivery)
-Pay using Bank Transfer (3 days before delivery)
-Pay cash upon delivery please confirm by phone.(same day Delivery)

Choose the way of payment and click 'OK'
7. you will be prompted for, date, time,gift card message and place for pick up/delivery - in this field you may type all order related information
8. When done please press" Place an order" button & you will then see a screen confirming your order.

If you would like to change your order or for further information please send us details to:Send flowers to abu dhabi uae

Or you may contact us on mobile - +97155 8709966